Dirk Schultheiss

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PURPOSE For most patients with erectile dysfunction oral agents are a preferred treatment option. Oral or buccal phentolamine has been shown to produce full erections in impotent subsets of study populations. We evaluate the efficacy of oral phentolamine. MATERIALS AND METHODS After a comprehensive evaluation 44 patients with recent onset (less than 3(More)
Tissue engineering and gene therapy are currently investigated in animal studies for reconstructing penile tissue or treating erectile dysfunction. This review aims to ecamine these experimental efforts from the last years and tries to give a brief introduction to the basic methodology of these new techniques from the field of regenerative medicine.
Die Inspektion der Genitalhaut sollte Bestandteil einer urologischen und andrologischen Untersuchung sein, da sie unter anderem die Möglichkeit einer frühzeitigen Diagnostik von malignen Neoplasien (z. B. Erythroplasie Queyrat) und infektiösen Erkrankungen (z. B. Condylomata acuminata) bietet. Unabhängig von der zufälligen Entdeckung relevanter(More)
Ancient reports on urinary incontinence are rather rare and mainly address cases of extraurethral incontinence, e.g. due to a fistula acquired during childbirth or overflow incontinence, e.g. in males with urinary retention or after spinal cord injury. In modern times several authors dealt with the problem of postoperative incontinence after perineal(More)
The first theoretical reflections concerning the relation of hormone production with the ageing process stemmed from Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard (1817 1894). At the age of 72 years he experimented on himself with an injection of animal testicular extract. The Viennese physiologist Eugen Steinach (1861 1944) gained world-wide acknowledgement for his theory(More)
PURPOSE We generated a vascularized, autologous, reseeded bladder substitute and evaluated immediate vascularization and perfusion of the graft after implantation to the recipient organism in a porcine model. MATERIAL AND METHODS Acellular matrix was processed from porcine small bowel segments by subsequent mechanical, chemical and enzymatic(More)
OBJECTIVES Primary cell cultures derived from the corpus cavernosum are frequently used as in vitro models to define cellular mechanisms involved in erectile function. However, previous studies often lack detailed isolation protocols or a precise characterisation of the culture composition excluding especially contaminating fibroblasts. This study aimed at(More)
In the mid-1970s urologists in the field of paediatric and andrologic surgery felt that operating loupes did not provide sufficient magnification for their surgical work. Thus, urology finally introduced the operating microscope in the operating room, which was rather late in comparison to other surgical disciplines. Almost three decades later we can hardly(More)