Dirk Saelens

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This paper gives an overview of grid impact indicators that could be used to assess the impact of the energy exchange with a single intelligent building on the electricity grid. Seven indicators are given, the capacity factor, loss of load probability, cover factor, one percent peak power, peaks above limit, dimensioning rate and kVA credit. An example of a(More)
Artificial lighting contributes for a large part to the primary energy use of an office building. Lighting control systems can help reduce the lighting energy use. When calculating the potential energy savings, neglecting the occupant behaviour leads to an overestimation. This research shows that the energy saving performance of a daylight dimming system in(More)
The presented work depicting the integrated modelling of probabilistic occupant behaviour in buildings consists of non-physical modelling with a physical multidomain impact. The human behaviour considering occupancy, the use of lighting and the use of electric appliances in dwellings has been implemented, but the same method can be used for other stochastic(More)
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