Dirk Rose

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PEEP is widely accepted as a therapy for some forms of acute respiratory failure (ARF). PEEP increases functional residual capacity (FRC), decreases intrapulmonary shunt fraction, and improves arterial oxygenation. The time required for FRC and arterial oxygen tension (PaO2) to stabilize after an adjustment in the level of PEEP is not clearly established.(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine whether exposure to magnetic fields (MFs) relevant for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in clinical routine influences cell cycle progression in two tumor cell lines in vitro. HL60 and EA2 cells were exposed to four types of MFs: (i) static MF of 1.5 and 7.05 T, (ii) extremely low frequency magnetic gradient fields(More)
We describe a case of symptomatic focal femoral osteolysis around a screw hole distal to the hydroxyapatite-coated portion of a cannulated femoral component in a revision hip replacement. No locking screw had been inserted into this, the most proximal of the three distal holes for locking screws. The presence of polyethylene wear debris in the tissue(More)
—The deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) system will be at first concentrated on areas with high user traffic overlaying with legacy second (2G) or third generation (3G) mobile system. Consequently, the limited LTE coverage will result in many inter-radio access technology (RAT) handovers from LTE to 2G/3G and vice versa. Trouble-free operation of(More)
Significant resistance was encountered when an attempt was made to withdraw a persistently wedged pulmonary artery catheter. A small amount of air was injected into the balloon lumen with great difficulty. This injection freed the catheter which was removed, but produced significant sudden hemoptysis and a pneumothorax. The etiology of this complication and(More)
It has been shown experimentally that irreversible brain injury and death may follow after 5-7 min of cerebral ischemia and that even brief periods, 2 min or less, can produce focal damage to the nervous system. All published studies demonstrating a protective effect of barbiturates have been performed in animals. A patient is presented who recovered full(More)
Her guidance and support have been a great help to me for completing this thesis. I am grateful to all her suggestions and meticulous comments on my publications and thesis. like to thank the company for the generous support. As a member of the Radio Research Department, I have been surrounded by great supervisors and colleagues who have provided me with a(More)
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