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This paper presents an environment which enables the coupling of different supercomputers to overcome the limitations of a single computing system. This requires an extension to MPI, since MPI provides no interoperability-features. A library called PACX-MPI is presented which provides the user with a distributed MPI environment with most of the important(More)
We discuss the use of direct volume rendering techniques for the visualization of three-dimensional (3D) scalar elds in a virtual reality (VR) environment. We present a design and a distributed, load-balanced implementation that makes use of a fast shear-warp algorithm. The exibility of the implementation allows to combine the computational power of a site(More)
The use of computer-based tools and methods in the development process is essential respectively quality, time and costs. Meanwhile the general business conditions are similar worldwide: product life cycles decline drastically and technological leadership of the highest possible quality is required in order to react to constantly increasing innovation(More)
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