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Marine myxobacteria (Enhygromyxa, Plesiocystis, Pseudoenhygromyxa, Haliangium) are phylogenetically distant from their terrestrial counterparts. Salimabromide is the first natural product from the Plesiocystis/Enhygromyxa clade of obligatory marine myxobacteria. Salimabromide has a new tetracyclic carbon skeleton, comprising a brominated benzene ring, a(More)
Vacuolar ATPases are a potential therapeutic target because of their involvement in a variety of severe diseases such as osteoporosis or cancer. Archazolide A (1) and related analogs have been previously identified as selective inhibitors of V-ATPases with potency down to the subnanomolar range. Herein we report on the determination of the ligand binding(More)
The archazolids are a family of unsaturated polyketides with low nanomolar inhibitory activity and excellent selectivity against mammalian V-ATPases (Scheme 1). 1 The isolation of archazolids A (1) and B (2) from the myxobacterium Archangium gephyra and the constitutions of these natural products were reported by Höfle et al. several years ago. 2 In 2006,(More)
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