Dirk M Rose

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One hundred ninety-two workers in a German pesticide factory who were exposed to polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and -furans (PCDD/PCDF) were investigated for former and present diseases and laboratory changes of the immune system. Moreover, in a subgroup of 29 highly exposed and 28 control persons, proliferation studies were performed. In addition to assays(More)
OBJECTIVES Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) represent a special risk for commercial airlines. Even on ground conditions the oxygen partial pressure (paO subset2) of these patients is partially clearly reduced. The reduced air pressure on board of an airplane can cause a drop of the paO subset2 to a critical point (below 50 mmHg) during a flight.(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine whether exposure to magnetic fields (MFs) relevant for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in clinical routine influences cell cycle progression in two tumor cell lines in vitro. HL60 and EA2 cells were exposed to four types of MFs: (i) static MF of 1.5 and 7.05 T, (ii) extremely low frequency magnetic gradient fields(More)
Recurrent infections could be seen in frequent flyers indicating an impaired immune reaction after long-distance flights. The increase of the concentration of neopterin points to an activation of the cellular part of the immune system. In combination with the altered differential blood counts, the changes in the proliferation rate of lymphocytes and the(More)
There is growing public concern that radio frequency electromagnetic fields may have adverse biological effects. In the present study eight healthy male students were tested to see whether or not radio frequency electromagnetic fields as used in modern digital wireless telecommunication (GSM standard) have noticeable effects on salivary melatonin, cortisol,(More)
Long distance flights with rapid time zone shifts of more than 3 hours lead to a dissociation of the inner circadian clock to the outer pacer. Additionally, the different endogenous circadian rhythms will not longer be synchronized by the endogenous pacer melatonin. This leads to complaints like sleepiness, sleep-disturbances and others. These symptoms are(More)
OBJECTIVES The life expectancy for patients with cystic fibrosis has risen constantly within the last 10 years to an average age over 20 years in western countries. However, most of these patients are partially respiratory insufficient. Frequently their physicians must decide whether it is acceptable to expose them to reduced air pressure on board of an(More)
OBJECTIVES Several studies showed that long-distance flights can influence cellular immunity. This might be due to a cortisol- and catecholamin- induced change in immunity with an impairment of T-lymphocyte dependent cellular immunity and an enhancement of B-lymphocyte dependent humoral immunity. Similar results can be found in patients with HIV. It is also(More)
OBJECTIVES In occupational medicine, blood concentrations are often measured to judge the internal burden of workers at work-place during exposure to a potentially hazardous substance. However, blood-withdrawals are invasive and can often not be taken at work-place due to hygienic reasons. Sampling of saliva is non-invasive and easy to perform even at(More)
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