Dirk Kaiser

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Twenty-six subjects were tested with a tachistoscopic recognition task while heart rate and several other autonomic indexes were monitored. In Experiment 1, heart rate was employed as an independent variable, and stimulus presentation was contingent upon the presence of individually determined low, middle, and high heart rates. The results indicated that(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the association between estrogen and spatial ability tasks in women suffering from schizophrenia. For this purpose, a placebo-controlled, double-blind, three-time cross-over study using 17beta-estradiol combined with norethisterone acetate for replacement therapy and as an adjunct to a naturalistic maintenance(More)
The diagnostic value of flexible bronchoscopy in the pre-operative work-up of solitary pulmonary nodules (SPN) is still under debate among pneumologists, radiologists and thoracic surgeons. In a prospective observational manner, flexible bronchoscopy was routinely performed in 225 patients with SPN of unknown origin. Of the 225 patients, 80.5% had lung(More)
Screening of 8918 pregnant women revealed that 107 (1.2%) were HBsAg-positive. 92 of them (50 of German and 42 of predominantly Asian origin) have already delivered and were followed up for 12 months together with their infants. 14 infants of HBeAg-positive (or anti-HBe-negative) carrier mothers received a single dose of hepatitis B immunoglobulin (HBIG)(More)
Pneumocephalus can be seen after head injury with fracture of the skull-base or in cerebral neoplasm, infection, or after intracranial or spinal surgery. We report on a 69-year-old male patient with pneumocephalus after right-sided lobectomy and en bloc resection of the chest wall for non-small-cell lung cancer. Postoperatively, the patient showed a reduced(More)
Chylothorax originating in a patient with Schimmelpenning syndrome is rare and poses a problem in diagnosis and treatment. A 22-year-old male was admitted with dyspnea indicative of a large pleural chylous effusion. Besides conservative dietary treatment measures, the chylous effusion was drained (2,000 mL/day). Computed tomography-lymphography after(More)
The patient, a 14 yr old girl, is the fifth child of a German family with nine children. Ten years previously both parents were infected with tubercle bacteria by their grandmother. At that time, our patient showed signs of primary tuberculosis (chest X-ray) and was treated with combined chemotherapy from 1981-1983. Chest X-ray films up to 1987 remained(More)
Physiological responses of 48 subjects were studied during both a warning and a nonwarning condition and during anagram problem solving. The warning condition was associated with heart rate deceleration and increased occurrence of galvanic skin responses (GSR), of skin conductance, and of tonic galvanic skin potentials (GSP). The warning condition also(More)
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