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One hundred and fifteen patients, between 6 months and 12 years of age, had bronchoscopy on suspicion of foreign body aspiration. The histories of these patients were studied to examine the diagnostic value of signs, symptoms and examinations, and to determine the time that passed between aspiration and removal of the foreign body. The sensitivity of the(More)
We have developed a method of diuretic renography for the assessment of upper urinary tract obstruction in children. A maximal diuresis under standardised conditions is obtained by forced intravenous hydration over a 2-h period prior to renography. We evaluated the predictive value of this method for the clinical and functional outcome in 73 children with(More)
Dear Editor, Severe hemorrhage in children with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is rare and occurs in 3% of patients [1]. Intracranial hemorrhage (ICH), the most feared bleeding complication, has an estimated incidence of 0.1–0.5% [1–3]. Mortality rate of ICH is high and varies from 24–57% [2–4]. We report a patient with acute ITP who developed fatal(More)
Two newborn boys aged 2 and 3 months with unilateral inguinal hernia and a contralateral impalpable, non-scrotal testis, and a third boy aged 2.5 years with an impalpable non-scrotal testis were found to have transverse testicular ectopia. This is an uncommon abnormality in which both gonads migrate toward the same hemiscrotum. We illustrate that unilateral(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate the effect of a multidisciplinary, behavioural therapy, group therapy for obese children. DESIGN Descriptive. METHOD The treatment consisted of 8 child and 2 parent sessions over a period of 10 weeks, in the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Attention was devoted to eating behaviour, physical exercise(More)
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