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BACKGROUND Ischemic preconditioning reduces local tissue injury caused by subsequent ischemia-reperfusion (IR), but may also have a salutary effect on IR injury of tissues remote from those undergoing preconditioning. We tested the hypothesis that limb ischemia induces remote preconditioning, reduces endothelial IR injury in humans, and reduces experimental(More)
The Journal of Applied Physiology (ISSN-8750-7587) is published online twice monthly and bound once in print monthly (two volumes per year) by the American Physiological Society, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3991 and online at www.jap.org (ISSN 1522-1601). Subscription Prices (postpaid). For institutional print and online pricing, please see The(More)
Sarcomeric dysfunction plays a central role in reduced cardiac pump function in heart failure. This review focuses on the alterations in sarcomeric proteins in diseased myocardium that range from altered isoform expression to post-translational protein changes such as proteolysis and phosphorylation. Recent studies in animal models of heart failure and(More)
The extent and mechanism of the cardiac benefit of early exercise training following myocardial infarction (MI) is incompletely understood, but may involve blunting of abnormalities in Ca(2+)-handling and myofilament function. Consequently, we investigated the effects of 8-weeks of voluntary exercise, started early after a large MI, on left ventricular (LV)(More)
The focal location of atherosclerosis in the vascular tree is correlated with local variations in shear stress. We developed a method to induce defined variations in shear stress in a straight vessel segment of a mouse. To this end, a cylinder with a tapered lumen was placed around the carotid artery, inducing a high shear stress field. Concomitantly,(More)
In many patients with congenital heart disease, the right ventricle (RV) is subjected to abnormal loading conditions. To better understand the state of compensated RV hypertrophy, which could eventually progress to decompensation, we studied the effects of RV pressure overload in rats. In the present study, we report the biventricular adaptation to 6 wk of(More)
BACKGROUND Elevated concentrations of norepinephrine (NE) have been observed in ischemic myocardium. We investigated the magnitude and mechanism of catecholamine release in the myocardial interstitial fluid (MIF) during ischemia and reperfusion in vivo through the use of microdialysis. METHODS AND RESULTS In 9 anesthetized pigs, interstitial catecholamine(More)
Withdrawal of the endothelin (ET)-mediated vasoconstrictor influence contributes to metabolic coronary vasodilation during exercise. Because production of nitric oxide (NO) and prostanoids increases with increasing shear stress and because NO and prostanoids are able to modify the release of ET, we hypothesized that the withdrawal of ET-mediated coronary(More)
BACKGROUND Ischemia occurs frequently in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) without evidence of epicardial stenosis. This study evaluates the hypothesis that the occurrence of ischemia in HCM is related to remodeling of the coronary microcirculation. METHODS AND RESULTS End-diastolic septal wall thickness was significantly increased in patients with HCM(More)