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BACKGROUND Burden on the relatives of patients with schizophrenia may be influenced not only by patient and caregiver characteristics, but also by differences in mental health service provision. AIMS To analyse whether family burden is affected by national differences in the provision of mental health services. METHOD Patients with schizophrenia and(More)
BACKGROUND Although present findings about frequent users of psychiatric inpatient services vary from study to study, some potentially important predictors of frequent use were extracted. The purpose of this study was to examine the potentially contributory factors of frequent use of psychiatric inpatient services by schizophrenia patients and to test the(More)
BACKGROUND Due to demographic change, the advanced elderly represent the fastest growing population group in Europe. Health problems tend to be frequent and increasing with age within this cohort. AIMS OF THE STUDY To describe and compare health status of the elderly population in six European countries and to analyze the impact of socio-demographic(More)
BACKGROUND In all OECD countries, there is a trend to increasing patients' copayments in order to balance rising overall health-care costs. This systematic review focuses on inequalities concerning the amount of out-of-pocket payments (OOPP) associated with income, education or gender in the Elderly aged 65+. METHODS Based on an online search (PubMed), 29(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies have established proof of selective media reporting about the mentally ill, with the majority of the reports focusing almost exclusively on violence and dangerousness. A handful of studies found that there is an association between negative media portrayals and negative attitudes toward people with mental illness. However,(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to analyze the physical activity, dietary, drinking, and smoking habits of schizophrenia patients (SP). METHODS Data from 194 schizophrenia outpatients collected using sections of the German National Health Interview and Examination Survey were compared with data from the German general population (GP). In addition to(More)
OBJECTIVES To quantify and compare the resource consumption and direct costs of medical mental health care of patients suffering from schizophrenia in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. METHODS In the European Cohort Study of Schizophrenia, a naturalistic two-year follow-up study, patients were recruited in France (N=288), Germany (N=618), and the(More)
OBJECTIVE The short-term effect of an adverse parental child rearing style on suicidality in adolescence has been extensively discussed. Nevertheless, little is known about the long-term effect of adverse parental child rearing on lifetime suicidality in adulthood. So the present study aims to examine the relation between parental bonding on the one hand(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve health care for the elderly, a consideration of biopsychosocial health care needs may be of particular importance-especially because of the prevalence of multiple conditions, mental disorders, and social challenges facing elderly people. The aim of the study was to investigate significance and costs of biopsychosocial health care needs(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper reviews findings and problems of heavy users research. METHODS The German- and English language literature about "heavy users" and relevant border areas was analyzed. RESULTS Heavy users are patients who consume a disproportionate share of medical services. The characteristics of heavy users are inhomogeneous. Social problems,(More)