Dirk. H. Hellhammer

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Stress and stress-related health impairments are major problems in human life and elucidating the biological pathways linking stress and disease is of substantial importance. However, the identification of mechanisms underlying a dysregulation of major components of the stress response system is, particularly in humans, a very challenging task. Salivary(More)
Both gastric ulceration and activation of the hypothalamo-pituitary adrenal axis are considered integral to the stress response, and a causal relationship between the two has been suggested. In the present study, corticosterone secretion in rats was either stimulated with CRF or lowered with metyrapone during a known ulcerogenic stress. Reduction of(More)
Aging is accompanied by a continuous decline of the adrenal steroid hormone DHEA and its ester DHEAS. Results from studies in rodents have demonstrated that DHEA(S) administration can enhance memory in several test paradigms. However studies from this laboratory did not find positive effects of DHEA treatment on cognitive performance in young and elderly(More)
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