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We present an overview of the migration of the data collected by the COMPASS experiment at CERN. In less than three months, almost 300 TB will be migrated at a sustained data rate approaching 100 MB/s, using a distributed system with multiple nodes and data servers. This project, which is being carried out by the Database Group of CERN's IT Division and is(More)
The NOMAD experiment is currently collecting data at the CERN SPS. The detector is now being completed, as speciied in the original proposal, and has been further improved. All subdetectors are functioning well. The experiment is searching for ! neutrino oscillations and is sensitive to the mass diierence squared m 2 > 0:7 eV 2. Maximal sensitivity with(More)
We present an initial study of the object features of Oracle 9i – the first of the market-leading object-relational database systems that supports a true object model on the server side as well as an ODMG-style C++ language binding on the client side. We discuss how these features can be used to provide persistent object storage in the HEP environment.
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