Dirk Frosch-Wilke

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The main aim of Knowledge Management (KM) is to connect people to quality knowledge as well as people to people in order to peak performance. This is also the primary goal of Learning Management (LM). In fact, in the world of e-learning, it is more widely recognised that how learning content is used and distributed by learners might be more important than(More)
Competence development programmes are collections of units of learning and learning activities used to increase the overall effective performance of a learner within a certain task. The definition of a competence development programme is fairly complex and subject to variability, depending on the available learning units and components. Some instructional(More)
Die Beteiligung der Mitarbeiter als Instrument eines integrierten Prozessmanagements ist allgemein anerkannt. In diesem Beitrag werden unterschiedliche Beteiligungsformen von Mitarbeitern und deren Auswirkung auf die Transparenz, die Akzeptanz und die Prozessqualität bei der Einführung des Business Process Managements (BPM) beim Landespolizeiamt(More)
Although the process-oriented nature of collaborative learning is quite evident, current E-Learning systems mainly concentrate on individual learning tasks rather than on learning processes. Thus, in recent years some concepts have been presented to use Workflow Management technologies for the management of learning processes. These concepts lack in the(More)