Dirk Frank Richter

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of transplanted human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) on wound healing. In this model, full-thickness cutaneous wounds were created by incision in the skin of adult New Zealand white rabbits and treated by transplanted hMSCs into the wounds. Wound healing was evaluated by histological analysis and(More)
Fibromodulin, a member of the small leucine-rich proteoglycan family, has been recently suggested as a biologically significant mediator of fetal scarless repair. To assess the role of fibromodulin in the tissue remodeling, we constructed an adenoviral vector expressing human fibromodulin cDNA. We evaluated the effect of adenovirus-mediated overexpression(More)
Successful adenoviral (Ad) vector-mediated strategies for breast cancer gene therapy and virotherapy have heretofore been hindered by low transduction efficiency. This has recently been understood to result from a relative paucity of expression of the primary adenovirus receptor, coxsackie-adenovirus-receptor (CAR), on primary tumor cells. To further(More)
BACKGROUND A novel topical skin adhesive system was developed to close the outermost layer of skin in an expeditious manner. To determine its clinical utility, a clinical investigation was undertaken to demonstrate equivalence of a new adhesive skin closure system (Prineo Skin Closure System) to intradermal sutures in wound closure. METHODS The(More)
BACKGROUND Panniculectomy surgery is performed to remove a massive pannus, or abdominal apron, which frequently contributes to a number of health concerns. The resection of such a massive abdominal panniculus is technically difficult due to the weight of the tissue and the difficulty in handling it during surgery. METHODS We performed a retrospective(More)
In view of the limited success of available treatment modalities for metastatic breast cancer, alternative and complementary strategies need to be developed. Adenoviral vector mediated strategies for breast cancer gene therapy and virotherapy are a promising novel therapeutic platform for the treatment of breast cancer. However, the promiscuous tropism of(More)
BACKGROUND Graves' ophthalmopathy is a chronic, multisystem disorder characterized by increased intraorbital fat tissue and hypertrophic extraocular muscles caused by an autoimmune process. Graves' ophthalmopathy represents the most frequent extrathyroidal manifestation of Graves' disease. Clinical findings are impaired ocular motility, diplopia, lid(More)
Obesity and overweight in the general population have increased significantly over the last several years. Such increases have stimulated many approaches to treat this condition from a clinical perspective, with improved surgical and conservative measures that have become available for controlling overweight. The present article examines both established(More)
The correction of bony frontal deformities has been accomplished with a variety of autogenous and alloplastic materials. Of the various materials currently available, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a valuable biomaterial, has proved to be effective in reconstructing deformities of the frontal bone. The authors present one case of acquired frontal bone(More)