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Public transport networks (PTNs) are difficult to use when the user is unfamiliar with the area she is traveling to, as shown by a user survey that we present in this paper. This is true for both infrequent users (including visitors) and regular users who need to travel to areas with which they are not acquainted. In these situations, adequate on-trip(More)
Location-aware applications for supporting the mobile user require reliable information about their position and the environment. Based on a critical review of solutions so far, a very cost effective solution of a local positioning system (LPS) is introduced for the need of positioning indoors as well as on a constrained outdoor campus with dynamic(More)
Microscopy examination has been the pillar of malaria diagnosis, being the recommended procedure when its quality can be maintained. However, the need for trained personnel and adequate equipment limits its availability and accessibility in malaria-endemic areas. Rapid, accurate, accessible diagnostic tools are increasingly required, as malaria control(More)
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