Dirk Correia Rodrigues

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The encapsulation of acid (AD) and sodium diclofenac (SD) in small unilamellar liposomes (SUV) as well as the interactions of the drug with the bilayer was studied. SUV was prepared by sonication from multilamellar liposomes containing soya phosphatidylcholine and diclofenac at various proportions. The size distribution obtained from dynamic light(More)
A suite of 10 di€erent marine evaporitic oil samples from Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Brazil was studied for its biomarker content, in particular its acidic constituents. The oils showed di€erent molecular distributions and relative abundances of n-alkanoic, isoprenoid and hopanoic acids. The observed di€erences were assigned to the incorporation of immature(More)
In the past 25 years high temperature air combustion (HiTAC) technology has been proved and utilized in industry as a promising way to increase thermal efficiency, create a relatively uniform temperature distribution, and reduce emissions of harmful pollutants such as NOX and CO. However, due to the complexity of fuel-oil combustion, to date HiTAC is mainly(More)
In this paper we reformulate Abelian and non-Abelian noninvariant systems as gauge invariant theories using a new constraint conversion scheme, developed on the symplectic framework. This conversion method is not plagued by the ambiguity problem that torments the BFFT and iterative methods and also it seems more powerful since it does not require special(More)
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