Dirk Bossemeyer

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The catalytic (C) subunit of protein kinase A functions both in the cytoplasm and the nucleus. A major charge variant representing about one third of the enzyme in striated muscle results from deamidation in vivo of the Asn2 residue at the conserved NH(2)-terminal sequence myrGly-Asn-Ala (Jedrzejewski, P.T., A. Girod, A. Tholey, N. König, S. Thullner, V.(More)
Although modulation of protein kinase activity via small molecule inhibitors is now a validated approach for the treatment of numerous human diseases, selective target-oriented development remains a challenge. The complex interaction of kinase and inhibitor (usually ATP-antagonists) includes many unpredictable features, which is why much of the research in(More)
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