Dirk Bormann

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In magnesium alloys, the components used modify the alloy properties. For magnesium implants in contact with bone, rare earths alloys are commonly examined. These were shown to have a higher corrosion resistance than other alloys and a high mechanical strength, but their exact composition is hard to predict. Therefore a reduction of their content could be(More)
In former studies the magnesium alloy LAE442 showed promising in vivo degradation behavior and biocompatibility. However, reproducibility might be enhanced by replacement of the rare earth composition metal " E " by only a single rare earth element. Therefore, it was the aim of this study to examine whether the substitution of " E " by neodymium (" Nd ")(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the differences in the in vivo degradation behaviour of magnesium implants with various grain sizes and damaged surfaces. For this purpose, three different LAE442 magnesium implants were produced: cast, single and double extruded implants, in order to obtain different grain sizes. Furthermore, defects were positioned(More)
BACKGROUND Most studies on biodegradable magnesium implants published recently use magnesium-calcium-alloys or magnesium-aluminum-rare earth-alloys.However, since rare earths are a mixture of elements and their toxicity is unclear, a reduced content of rare earths is favorable. The present study assesses the in vivo biocompatibility of two new magnesium(More)
An LNA with integrated notch filter is demonstrated. It consists of a coilless two-stage LNA with capacitive feedback and an integrated Q-enhanced notch filter. Thus, this circuit is capable for use in FDD systems like UMTS or WCDMA without additional off-chip interstage filter, especially for highly integrated multi-band multi-standard transceivers as only(More)
This paper presents a method for the magnetic data storage on the surface of gentelligent components. One key issue is the possibility to store customers' data on components dynamically and to read it out later on. The data storage is carried out magnetically and is demonstrated on a high-speed milling head. As such components are mostly made of light(More)
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