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To understand the system of secreted proteins and receptors involved in cell-cell signaling, we produced a comprehensive set of recombinant secreted proteins and the extracellular domains of transmembrane proteins, which constitute most of the protein components of the extracellular space. Each protein was tested in a suite of assays that measured(More)
Partitioning of digital circuits has become a key problem area during the last five years. Benefits from new technologies like Multi-Chip-Modules or logic emulation strongly depend on partitioning results. Most published approaches are based on abstract graph models constructed from flat netlists, which consider only connectivity information. The approach(More)
A new approach for partitioning VLSI digital integrated circuits is presented. In contrast to known approaches, which use only topological information, the presented method also exploits specific information about design modules and higher level design structure. Based on this knowledge, the design driven procedure creates a cluster structure that(More)
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