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Search engines need to evaluate queries extremely fast, a challenging task given the quantities of data being indexed. A significant proportion of the queries posed to search engines involve phrases. In this article we consider how phrase queries can be efficiently supported with low disk overheads. Our previous research has shown that phrase queries can be(More)
Most search systems for querying large document collections—for example, web search engines—are based on well-understood information retrieval principles. These systems are both efficient and effective in finding answers to many user information needs, expressed through informal ranked or structured Boolean queries. Phrase querying and browsing are(More)
Phrase query evaluation is an important task of every search engine. Optimizing the query evaluation time for phrase queries is the biggest threat for the current search engine. Usually, phrase queries are a hassle for standard indexing techniques. This is generally because, merging the posting lists and checking the word ordering takes a lot of time. This(More)
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