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In this paper, a brief introduction of Automated Truck Platoons on Motorways is given. It includes a description of the scenario “platoons organized by the driver”, the system architecture of the platoon system and a description of the Software architecture for a driver information system. The results of the accomplished system and acceptance tests of the(More)
Proper function of the cardiovascular system is indispensible to human survival. However, this system is dominated by complex interactions between different physiological processes and control mechanisms. A structured analysis and a mathematical description of this system can provide more insight, and a computer-based simulation of dynamic processes in the(More)
In this paper, a linear time-varying model-based predictive controller (LTV-MPC) for lateral vehicle guidance by front steering is proposed. Due to the fact that this controller is designed in the scope of a Collision Avoidance System, it has to fulfill the requirement of an appropiate control performance at the limits of vehicle dynamics. To achieve this(More)
This contribution proposes a model-based predictive control approach for combined longitudinal and lateral vehicle guidance. The controller, which has been designed for an automotive collision avoidance system, aims at following a desired evasion trajectory at the handling limits. Thereby, the trajectory following problem is decomposed in a path following(More)
This paper presents a novel design of a collision avoidance controller of networked vehicles using a centralized Model Predictive Control (MPC) concept. The primary objective is to avoid collisions. The secondary objective is dealing with the quality of the collision-free trajectory, which is defined in comparison to the predefined reference trajectory. The(More)