DiptiMisra Sharma

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In sub 90 nm CMOS technology the process variations seriously affect the performance specification for leakage power and delay. In this paper, we have analyzed the techniques to improve the design quality for power and performance sensitivity to process variations. At gate level forced stacking not only reduces leakage but also improves the robustness of(More)
A fully integrated wide tuning range and low power VCO, using a new combination of accumulation-mode (A-MOS) varactors in LC tank, has been presented. The VCO is implemented in 0.25-mum technology and has a tuning range of 1.35GHz, from 4.93GHz to 6.28GHz. It consumes 1.8mA of current from a 2.5V supply and achieves low phase noise of -116.1dBc/Hz @1MHz(More)
Due to globalization English has become the official language of the world. About 71 million people speak Marathi as their native tongue. The major goal of proposed system is to develop software system which would translate Marathi Simple Assertive and Interrogative Sentences to corresponding English sentences. The quality of translation of existing system(More)
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