Dipti Shukla

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The SET-induced photorearrangement of dimethyl 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)allyl phosphite, 9 (UV light, uranium glass filter, 9,10-dicyanoanthracene (DCA), biphenyl), gives phosphonate 12 in 83% isolated yield. Laser flash irradiation at 355 nm of oxygen saturated solutions of phosphite 9 containing DCA and biphenyl generates the transient UV spectrum of the(More)
A highly regio- and stereoselective strategy for the syntheses in high yield and enantioselectivity of a variety of substituted nonracemic morpholines and their homologues is described. The reaction proceeds via an S(N)2-type ring opening of activated aziridines and azetidines by suitable halogenated alcohols in the presence of Lewis acid followed by(More)
Lewis acid-mediated highly regioselective SN2-type ring-opening of 2-aryl-N-tosylazetidines with alcohols to afford various 1,3-amino ethers in excellent yields with good enantiomeric excess is described. Similar SN2-type ring-opening of chiral 2-phenyl-N-tosylaziridine with various alcohols produces the corresponding nonracemic 1,2-amino ethers in(More)
Lewis acid catalyzed quaternary ammonium salt mediated highly regioselective ring-opening of chiral activated aziridines and azetidines with alcohols to nonracemic β- and γ-amino ethers has been developed. The reaction mainly proceeds via an S(N)2 pathway, and the partial racemization of the starting substrate was effectively controlled by using quaternary(More)
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