Dipti P. Rana

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Data mining is a process to discover useful, possibly unexpected, patterns from the large set of data and widely used in the large information processing applications. Classification is used to classify the data into a set of classes based on some attributes for further processing. Real world application contains very large,imprecise and noisy data. In this(More)
Classification is a data mining (DM) technique used to predict or forecast the unknown information using the historical data. There are many classification techniques. ID3 is a very popular tree based classification algorithm for a categorical data which does not support continuous data. Attribute selection process plays major role in building a(More)
Prediction of the future values by analysing meteorological data is one of the important parts which can be helpful to the society as well as to the economy. Estimates of these values at a specific time of day, from daytime and daily profiles, are needed for a number of environmental, ecological, agricultural and technical applications, ranging from natural(More)
The pattern growth approach of association rule mining is very efficient as avoiding the candidate generation step which was utilized in Apriori algorithm. Here, revisited of the pattern growth approaches are done to improve the performance using different criteria like item search order, conditional database representation and construction approach and(More)
In recent years, stream data have become an immensely growing area of research for the database, computer science and data mining communities. Stream data is an ordered sequence of instances. In many applications of data stream mining data can be read only once or a small number of times using limited computing and storage capabilities. Some of the issues(More)
In real world, the huge amount of temporal data is to be processed in many application areas such as scientific, financial, network monitoring, sensor data analysis. Data mining techniques are primarily oriented to handle discrete features. In the case of temporal data the time plays an important role on the characteristics of data. To consider this effect,(More)
Vikram samwat Gujarati Calendar is the well known and ancient calendar used by Gujarati's in India which is following the time period of the successive return of the moon in conjunction or opposition to the sun in relation to the earth. The data mining technique retrieves the knowledge from the data without any pre hypothesis. This research is to apply(More)
Many Algorithms have been proposed to mine association rule that uses support and confidence as constraint. We are proposing a method that can be combined with Apriori algorithm and reduces storage required to store candidate and the execution time by reducing CPU time. CPU time is saved by reducing candidate sets size and time required to calculate the(More)
The logical view of data is a two dimensional table and the physical storage is a single dimensional. Two approaches exist to map two dimensional data on to a single dimensional storage: Row oriented and Column oriented. Common database applications are developed using traditional roworiented database systems. Data Mining (DM) is a promising research area,(More)