Dipti Kapoor Sarmah

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Nowadays, Data transmission over internet is not at all secure and they are vulnerable to various attacks. So in order to prevent our valuable information we require special security measures. One of the methods for secure data transmission is cryptography where the information is protected by transforming it into unintelligible format. But we can ensure(More)
Different species of Cinnamomum are rich in polysaccharide's and secondary metabolites, which hinder the process of DNA extraction. High quality DNA is the pre-requisite for any molecular biology study. In this paper we report a modified method for high quality and quantity of DNA extraction from both lyophilized and non-lyophilized leaf samples. Protocol(More)
Plants adapt themselves to overcome adverse environmental conditions, and this involves a plethora of concurrent cellular activities. Physiological experiments or metabolic profiling can quantify this response. Among several diseases of Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth. (Patchouli), root-knot nematode infection caused by Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and(More)
Steganography and Cryptography are two popular ways of sending vital information in a secret way. One hides the existence of the message and the other distorts the message itself. There are many cryptography techniques available; among them AES is one of the most powerful techniques. In Steganography we have various techniques in different domains like(More)
This paper proposes a steganography technique to enhance the capacity and quality of the stego object. The method is proposed for frequency domain grayscale images. It is assumed that hiding varied number of secret bits in the original image blocks depending upon the DCT coefficients remaining after quantizing the blocks might increase the capacity of the(More)
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