Diptapriyo Majumdar

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Vertex Cover is one of the most well studied problems in the realm of parameterized algorithms and admits a kernel with O(`2) edges and 2` vertices. Here, ` denotes the size of a vertex cover we are seeking for. A natural question is whether Vertex Cover admits a polynomial kernel (or a parameterized algorithm) with respect to a parameter k, that is,(More)
A feedback vertex set in an undirected graph is a subset of vertices whose removal results in an acyclic graph. It is well-known that the problem of finding a minimum sized (or k-sized in case of decision version of) feedback vertex set (FVS) is polynomial time solvable in (sub)-cubic graphs, in pseudo-forests (graphs where each component has at most one(More)
A key result in the field of kernelization, a subfield of parameterized complexity, states that the classic Disjoint Cycle Packing problem, i.e. finding k vertex disjoint cycles in a given graph G, admits no polynomial kernel unless NP ⊆ coNP/poly. However, very little is known about this problem beyond the aforementioned kernelization lower bound (within(More)
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