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This paper describes new hardware and software diagnosis concepts for OnBoard use in mobile vehicles. Following a review of existing diagnostic methodologies, we discuss approaches to the development of next generation modelbased diagnosis tool environments which 1) automate the production of diagnosis models from design models, and 2) can improve the(More)
17 fruitful discussions and helpful comments. Special thanks are due to Monica McArtur, and to the anonymous referees, whose thorough comments helped to improve the presentation in this paper. 16 fact, the required isomorphism). By deenition, the second player has a winning strategy in the n-pebble game on the pair hA; Bi. Now, the lemma follows from(More)
General anesthesia was obtained using a laryngeal mask in 53 patients with nasal fractures. The advantages of this procedure are: no need for curarization, easy removal, and awakening in the operating room. No complications were observed although orotracheal intubation was necessary in 3 patients.
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