Dipl.-Ing B Baumgartner

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Total or near total pancreatectomy is the surest way to relieve the pain of chronic pancreatitis but is rarely applied because the metabolic consequences are so severe. For most patients drainage procedures are applicable, but pancreatectomy may be the only alternative for small duct disease or where procedures to improve duct drainage have failed.(More)
The intraoperative hemodynamic changes and several graft function parameters were studied comparing orthotopic liver transplantation with auxiliary partial liver transplantation (APLT) in the pig. Thirty-one Yorkshire pigs (ca. 25 kg b.w.) were randomly allocated to OLT (n = 16) or APLT (n = 15). During the construction of portal anastomosis the median(More)
Auxiliary heterotopic liver transplantation is theoretically attractive because it leaves the recipient's liver in place. The surgical trauma of hepatectomy is avoided, and failure of the graft does not necessarily lead to the death of the patient or a second, emergency transplantation. Another advantage is that matching the body sizes of the donor and the(More)
diverse Blutgase sowie verschiedenste Maschinenparameter erhoben. Diese Daten stellen die Ausgangsbasis für nachfolgende Untersuchungen dar. Darüberhinaus wurde bereits ein einfacher Fuzzy-Controller zur automatischen Regelung des Pumpennusses getestet [2]. 2. Hydraulisches Modell: Ein hydraulisches Model des kardiovaskulären Systems wurde entwickelt und(More)
Between July 25, 1978, and January 25, 1981, 20 segmental pancreas transplants from 14 cadaver (cad) and six related (rel) donors were performed. All but two recipients had previously received renal allografts for treatment of end-sage diabetic nephropathy. The grafts were placed intraperitoneally-13 with open ducts, 4 with prolamine-injected ducts, and 3(More)