Dipika Sahoo

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The effect of long-term cropping, fertilization and manuring after 21years of rice-rice cropping on an Aeric Haplaquept and after 27years of soybean-wheat system on Typic Haplustert on the availability ofpotassium (K) using a Quantity-Intensity (Q/I) relationship was investigated atBhubaneswar and Jabalpur, respectively in India. Q/I relationships of(More)
Experiments were conducted on dry untreated onion shreds (2 mm thickness) or treated with salt (5% solution) and potassium metabisulphite (0.5% solution) in convective drier at 50 °C ((46±4) % relative humidity (RH)), 55 °C ((35±4) % RH), 60 °C ((28±4) % RH) and 65 °C ((20±4) % RH), heat pump-assisted convective drier at 35 °C ((32±2) % RH), 40 °C ((26±2) %(More)
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