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Radionuclide arthrography is becoming increasingly useful in the evaluation of femoral component loosening in patients with a painful total hip prosthesis. Additional potential advantages of radionuclide arthrography include detection of abnormal communications with the hip, such as bursae, abscess cavities, and fistulas. A case of cutaneous fistula(More)
An unusual case of obstruction of the iliac veins by a markedly distended urinary bladder (UB) is presented. Initial radionuclide venography (RNV) was positive, revealing obstruction of the iliac veins associated with marked dilatation of the UB. After the UB was emptied, RNV was negative.
Site-specific proteases, which catalyze cleavage of peptide bonds in specific amino acid sequences of target proteins, play important roles in various biological events of many living organisms. In humans, disruption in regulation of these site-specific proteases can lead to pathological consequences. Here, we report a simple in vitro assay for enzymatic(More)
A first-pass nuclear angiogram and a multiple-gated acquisition study were obtained in 10 normal physicians and in 10 patients with a 7-to-10 day old transmural myocardial infarction. After the scan the subjects drank 2 oz. of whiskey. After 60 minutes, the multiple-gated acquisition study was repeated. In the normal group the left ventricular ejection(More)
Currently, Doppler ultrasound and contrast angiography are the main imaging procedures being used to evaluate arterial bypass shunts. IV radionuclide total body arteriography (TBA) is another useful imaging procedure for evaluation of bypass shunts. The authors reviewed 33 patients, 19 women and 14 men, ranging in age from forty-three to eighty-five, who(More)
Recently the authors introduced a new technique of intravenous (IV) radionuclide total-body arteriography. The major arterial system, multiple organs of the whole body, and cardiac function can be evaluated with one small IV injection in the arm. After analyzing more than 1000 cases, they have found that many pathologies can be detected and/or confirmed in(More)
In this country development of electrical power system particular for transmission line expansion and interconnection of neighbouring power system try to improve system security and economic operation. Due to this province in large scale power system, operation , control and expansion planning for particular system become challenging task to reduce(More)