Dipendra Singh

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a r t i c l e i n f o This research examined the financial–environmental performance of firms in the US food and beverage supply chain. Findings suggest that firms can be classified into four distinct environmental–financial categories: those that excel on environmental initiatives and perform well financially; those that perform poorly on both initiatives(More)
This paper explores inequalities in the use of modern family planning methods among married women of reproductive age (MWRA) in rural Nepal. Data from the 2012 Nepal Household Survey (HHS) were utilized, which employed a stratified, three-stage cluster design to obtain a representative sample of 9,016 households from rural Nepal. Within the sampled(More)
PURPOSE Female sex workers (FSWs) are a key-affected population susceptible to acquiring HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as transmitting the virus to others. The aim of the study was to assess HIV and syphilis prevalence among FSWs in Nepal and to examine factors associated with it. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was based on(More)
BACKGROUND Global health academic partnerships are centered around a core tension: they often mirror or reproduce the very cross-national inequities they seek to alleviate. On the one hand, they risk worsening power dynamics that perpetuate health disparities; on the other, they form an essential response to the need for healthcare resources to reach(More)
In this paper modeling of rotating seal and friction damper is explained using NX7.5 and ANSYS130x64 software. Modeling of any component is very important in analysis of the component. Analysis of rotating seal and damper is carried out using ANSYS130x64 to calculate stiffness of friction damper. Various authors explained methods to calculate stiffness of(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate and prompt diagnosis of HIV and syphilis simultaneously has reinforcing effect on their control program because of their prevalent co-infection. Availability of a simple user-friendly two-pronged and affordable detection tools brings down the cost of health care. They are important in the antenatal clinics, with added opportunity for(More)
BACKGROUND In children, integration of HIV in MNCH services has been shown to incr. ease uptake of early infant diagnosis. This article examines bottlenecks and opportunities for scaling up integrated pediatric HIV services in Nepal. METHODS This is a descriptive study using both mixed qualitative and quantitative methods, conducted in January 2015 in 19(More)
BACKGROUND There are different models for community-based health insurance (CBHI), and in Nepal, among them, the government and the local communities (co-ops) are responsible for operating the CBHI models that are in practice. AIMS The aim of this study is to compare the outcomes in relation to benefit packages, population coverage, inclusiveness,(More)
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