Dipen Nagpal

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A miniaturized oxygenator device that is perfused like an artificial placenta via the umbilical vessels may have significant potential to save the lives of newborns with respiratory insufficiency. Recently we presented the concept of an integrated modular lung assist device (LAD) that consists of stacked microfluidic single oxygenator units (SOUs) and(More)
This paper reports the development of a low volume pumpless lung assist device (LAD) composed of a stack of microfluidic single oxygenators units (SOUs) connected in parallel. SOUs are comprised of a microfluidic vascular network (polydimethylsiloxane) and a gas-permeable polycarbonate (PC) membrane to enhance gas exchange between blood and ambient air. We(More)
A procedure is presented for the quantitative extraction and determination of formaldehyde in maple sap and syrup. The method is based on the reaction between formaldehyde and 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine and determination of the derivative by gas chromatography. The procedure was used to evaluate formaldehyde in saps and syrups of paraformaldehyde implanted(More)
This paper reports the development of microfluidic oxygenator (MFO) units designed for a lung assist device (LAD) for newborn infants. This device will be connected to the umbilical vessels like the natural placenta and provide gas exchange. The extracorporeal blood flow is only driven by the pressure difference between the umbilical artery and vein without(More)
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