Dipayan Dasgupta

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BACKGROUND Global regulatory mechanisms involving chromatin assembly and remodelling in the promoter regions of genes is implicated in eukaryotic transcription control especially for genes subjected to spatial and temporal regulation. The potential to utilise global regulatory mechanisms for controlling gene expression might depend upon the architecture of(More)
UNLABELLED We present the development of a Comprehensive database of 12 076 invariant Peptide Signatures (CoPS) derived from 52 bacterial genomes with a minimum occurrence in at least seven organisms. These peptides were observed in functionally similar proteins and are distributed over nearly 1250 different functional proteins. The database provides(More)
Absence of any regular structure is increasingly being observed in structural studies of proteins. These disordered regions or random coils, which have been observed under physiological conditions, are indicators of protein plasticity. The wide variety of interactions possible due to the flexibility of these 'natively disordered' regions confers functional(More)
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