Dipankar Deb

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In this paper, a new technology is presented for nonlinear wind farm modeling. First, a nonlinear state space model for wind turbines in the wind farm is presented. The effects of the wind wake on a particular turbine due to interactions with other turbines in a wind farm is studied. These effects are evaluated in a specific wind farm configuration to(More)
Completely GPS-free positioning systems for wireless, mobile, ad-hoc networks typically stress on building a network-wide coordinate system. Such systems suffer from lack of mobility and high computational overhead. On the other hand, specialized hardware in GPS-enabled nodes tends to increase the solution cost. A number of GPS free position based routing(More)
In this paper, we develop an adaptive inverse compensation scheme for controlling the aerodynamic flow of a synthetic jet actuator on a dynamic aircraft system. An adaptive inverse is employed for cancelling the effect of the nonlinearity of the synthetic jet. A linear state feedback control law is used for controlling the aircraft dynamics. A linearly(More)
In the area of mobile, ad-hoc networks, the quest for a GPS-free yet, location aided routing protocol is on for quite sometime. We have surveyed a number of GPS free position based routing algorithms. Specialized hardware in GPS-enabled nodes tends to increase the solution cost. On the other hand, completely GPS-free solutions typically stress on building a(More)
In this paper, we have proposed a methodology towards improved business process model redesign based on QoS. We have extended an existing framework that generates an exhaustive space of process models from a set of capability library. The solution space is pruned based on goal and constraints considered thereafter. An algebraic framework is deployed that(More)
In this paper, an adaptive compensation scheme is presented for controlling signal-dependent synthetic jet actuator nonlinearities, using higher order approximation of twin approximators for effective adaptive inversion of actuator nonlinearities. Approximation of a nonlinearly parametrized actuator model by a linearly parametrized function is performed.(More)
This paper presents a neural network-based adaptive compensation scheme to cancel the effect of uncertain, highly complex and dynamic synthetic jet actuator nonlinearities. Approximation of a nonlinearly parameterized model of synthetic jet actuator characteristics by a linearly parameterized function is performed using neural network approximators. The(More)