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Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women. If breast cancer is detected in early stage, then chances of survival are very high. In body new cells take place of old cells by orderly growth as old cells die out. The process of mutation controls the activation of genes in cells. Due to this cells get ability to go on dividing without control and(More)
The World Wide Web continues to grow at an exponential rate, so fetching information about a special-topic is gaining importance which poses exceptional scaling challenges for general-purpose crawlers and search engines. This paper describes a web crawling approach based on best first search. As the goal of a focused crawler is to selectively seek out pages(More)
In medical field the diagnosis of heart disease is most difficult task. It depends on the careful analysis of different clinical and pathological data of the patient by medical experts, which is complicated process. Due to advancement in machine learning and information technology, the researchers and medical practitioners in large extent are interested in(More)
In this paper we have implemented a new k-means variant for clustering. Huge amount of data is generated on social media websites which challenges us to predict collective behavior. Collective behavior means to understand how the individual behaves in social networking environment. There is problem of prediction on sites as there are many numbers of actors.(More)
In this era of information technology everyone needs information at the fingertip. With the development of IT various applications are developed in the medical field. This will make revolution in the medical field. Also, it will help doctors to know the recent developments and research carried out in the world. This will update the information of each and(More)
In human life, use of correct medicinal plant for treating diseases is very important. Medicinal plant is the important part of the Indian Ayurvedic system. So there is a need of heuristic search of medicinal plants over India. The huge amount of information related to medicinal plants is available on World Wide Web. For collecting such domain specific(More)
Phishing is an act of cracking by single person or group of persons to stolen the personal confidential information such as credit card detail, bank account detail, passwords etc. , from unknown sufferer for illegal activities. In this paper we have implemented the text classifier using Bayesian approach for phishing detection. Text classifier works on(More)
In this paper we have implemented a two stage frame work to remove unwanted text from images: first stage is to detect text from image and second stage is to remove that text using method of inpainting. To detect text, text localization and extraction is carried out followed by method of inpainting to fill the holes generated in image using surrounding(More)
Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells. Cell in the body get divide, grow and die every day. This division and growth of cell is most of the in orderly manner but when their growth is out of control. The uncontrolled growth of cell forms the lump which is called as tumor. A tumor generally of two types benign (not dangerous) or malignant(More)