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Subjective and objective burdens of the carers of schizophrenic and bipolar affective disorder patients were assessed. Burden was found to be higher among the carers of schizophrenic, young, male, low income and unemployed patients. This study shows a more comprehensive way of assessing family burden with due emphasis on positive mental health and coping(More)
With the technological growth of broadband wireless technology like CDMA and UWB , a lots of development efforts towards wireless communication system and Imaging radar system are well justified. Efforts are also being imparted towards a Convergence Technology.. the convergence between a communication and radar technology which will result in ITS(More)
A study was conducted to ascertain how often GPs encountered patients with psychological crisis and their means of tackling such cases. A questionnaire was administered to 47 GPs attending a training course on drug de-addiction orientation program. It was observed that failure in an examination (22.9%), break up of a love affair (16.8%) and the death of(More)
Scientists and Technologists involved in the development of radar and remote sensing systems all over the world are now trying to involve themselves in saving of manpower in the form of developing a new application of their ideas in Intelligent Transport system(ITS). The world statistics shows that by incorporating such wireless radar system in the car(More)
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