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We describe the structure of the graphs with the smallest average distance and the largest average clustering given their order and size. There is usually a unique graph with the largest average clustering, which at the same time has the smallest possible average distance. In contrast, there are many graphs with the same minimum average distance , ignoring(More)
Crosstalk is defined as the set of unwanted interactions among the different entities of a network. Crosstalk is present in various degrees in every system where information is transmitted through a means that is accessible by all the individual units of the network. Using concepts from graph theory, we introduce a quantifiable measure for sensitivity to(More)
We describe how noise propagates through a network by calculating the variance of the outputs. Using stochastic calculus and dynam-ical systems theory, we study the network topologies that accentuate or alleviate the effect of random variance in the network for both directed and undirected graphs. Given a linear tree network, the variance in the output is a(More)
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