Dionysios Barmpoutis

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We describe the structure of the graphs with the smallest average distance and the largest average clustering given their order and size. There is usually a unique graph with the largest average clustering, which at the same time has the smallest possible average distance. In contrast, there are many graphs with the same minimum average distance, ignoring(More)
Crosstalk is defined as the set of unwanted interactions among the different entities of a network. Crosstalk is present in various degrees in every system where information is transmitted through a means that is accessible by all the individual units of the network. Using concepts from graph theory, we introduce a quantifiable measure for sensitivity to(More)
We describe how noise propagates through a network by calculating the variance of the outputs. Using stochastic calculus and dynamical systems theory, we study the network topologies that accentuate or alleviate the effect of random variance in the network for both directed and undirected graphs. Given a linear tree network, the variance in the output is a(More)
This thesis provides a unified methodology for analyzing structural properties of graphs, along with their applications. In the last several years, the field of complex networks has been extensively studied, and it is now well understood that the way a large network is built is closely intertwined with its function. Structural properties have an impact on(More)
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