Dionysios Aliprantis

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This paper presents the implementation of an induction machine dynamic simulation on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board. Using FPGAs as computational engines can lead to significant simulation speed gains when compared to a typical PC computer, especially when operations can be efficiently parallelized on the board. The textbook example of a free(More)
This paper proposes an operating framework for aggregators of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). First, aminimum-cost load scheduling algorithm is designed, which determines the purchase of energy in the day-aheadmarket based on the forecast electricity price and PEV power demands. The same algorithm is applicable for negotiating bilateral contracts. Second,(More)
This paper sets forth a novel intelligent residential air-conditioning (A/C) system controller that has smart grid functionality. The qualifier “intelligent" means the A/C system has advanced computational capabilities and uses an array of environmental and occupancy parameters in order to provide optimal intertemporal comfort/cost trade-offs for the(More)
This paper addresses equivalent circuit and magnetic saturation issues associated with synchronous machine modeling. In the proposed synchronous machine model, the rotor equivalent circuits are replaced by arbitrary linear networks. This allows for elimination of the equivalent circuit parameter identification procedure since the measured frequency response(More)
Our research team is developing an agent-based test bed for the integrated study of retail and wholesale power markets operating over transmission and distribution networks with smart-grid functionality. This test bed seams together two existing test beds, the AMES Wholesale Power Market Test Bed and the GridLAB-D distribution platform. As a first step, we(More)
(9) where p == -it is the differentiation operator; R; and R~ are the stator and rotor resistances; L s and L~ are the stator and rotor inductances; t.; is the magnetizing inductance; vgs' vds' igs' and ids are the qd-axes stator voltages and currents; v~~, v~sr' i~sr' and i'dr are the qd-axes rotor voltages and currents; W r is the rotor angular electrical(More)
This paper describes a computational platform for studying the effects of price-responsive residential demand for air-conditioning (A/C) on integrated retail and wholesale power market operations. The physical operations of the A/C system are represented by means of the physics-based equivalent thermal parameter model. Residential A/C energy usage levels(More)
U.S. Day-Ahead Markets (DAMs) for wholesale electric power managed by Independent System Operators (ISOs) encompass more than 60% of U.S. generating capacity. The current design of these DAMs encourages a focus on decisions that minimize immediate net costs without explicit consideration of pre-DAM and post-DAM decision opportunities. This study proposes a(More)