Dionne James

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We report the final redshift release of the 6dF Galaxy Survey, a combined redshift and peculiar velocity survey over the southern sky (|b| > 10◦). Its 136 304 spectra have yielded 110 256 new extragalactic redshifts and a new catalogue of 125 071 galaxies making near-complete samples with (K, H, J, rF, bJ) 6 (12.65, 12.95, 13.75, 15.60, 16.75). The median(More)
Large samples of Field Horizontal Branch (FHB) stars make excellent tracers of the Galactic halo; by studying their kinematics, one can infer important physical properties of our Galaxy. Here we present the results of a medium-resolution spectroscopic survey of 530 FHB stars selected from the Hamburg/ESO survey. The stars have a mean distance of ∼ 7 kpc and(More)
Surplus nitrogen (N) in ground and surface water is of concern in intensive agricultural regions. Surplus N leaches during lengthy periods where annual crop systems are used in temperate regions. This paper presents a model to estimate the surplus N available for leaching to ground water beneath agricultural systems and applies the model to watersheds in an(More)
A two-dimensional biomimetic optrode for the detection and quantification of uranium in natural waters was fabricated. The sensing element was designed by the inclusion of uranyl ion imprinted polymer particles into polymethyl methacrylate followed by casting a thin film on a glass slide without any plasticizer. The ion imprinted polymer material was(More)
A novel colorimetric chemo-sensor for the simultaneous visual detection and quantification of spectroscopically silent heavy metal toxins viz. cadmium, lead and mercury has been developed. This is based on the proposed sequential ligand exchange (SLE) mechanism of iodide from Pb-I(-)-Rhodamine 6G ion associate with citrate (without affecting ion associates(More)
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