Dionisis Papanikolaou

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The flexibility of the structure of Prussian blue analogues and its ability to incorporate a variety of competing magnetic interactions have allowed the design of mixed ferro-ferrimagnets, which span the whole spectrum of magnetic behavior, including the rare phenomenon of magnetization reversal in response to a change in temperature. Hydrostatic pressure(More)
We investigated the effect of the curvature in lithium storage at single-walled carbon nanotubes, with both ab-initio and Molecular Dynamics simulations. Our results show that the carbon rings of nanotubes develop strong cation-pi- interactions with Li ion. These interactions result in positioning the alkali metal cation on top of a phenyl group. By using(More)
The superconducting transition temperature of the high-Tc SmO1-xFxFeAs superconductors increases monotonically as the F-doping level x increases to 0.20. High-pressure magnetization experiments reveal a strong sensitivity of Tc to interatomic distances in the underdoped regime (x </= 0.12) with the pressure coefficient of Tc, d(ln Tc)/dP being strongly(More)
The effect of X-ray illumination on the structural properties of the mixed valence Prussian blue analogue CsFe(II)[Cr(III)(CN)6] has been studied by time-dependent high-resolution synchrotron X-ray diffraction. Abrupt isosymmetric phase transitions, accompanied by dramatic volume collapse, were found in the temperature range 245-265 K, induced by sudden(More)
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