Dionisis Athanasopoulos

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In this paper we propose CoWSAMI, a service-oriented middleware that aims at supporting context-awareness in pervasive computing environments. To this end, we rely on the standard Web services architectural style to handle the architectural heterogeneity of available context sources. CoWSAMI balances the trend between the resource limitations of available(More)
This deliverable specifies the main concepts of the CHOReOS middleware architecture. Starting from the Future Internet (FI) challenges for scalability, heterogeneity, mobility, awareness, and adaptation that have been investigated in prior work done in WP1, we introduce the aforementioned concepts to deal with the requirements derived from the FI(More)
UV-vis absorption spectra of zinc tetraphenylporphine (ZnTPP) on interaction with six organophosphorus (OP) compounds in cyclohexane were compared using ab initio methods and the molecular and solvation ligand descriptors π(*), Vx, and σ. OPs with polarizable hydrocarbon substituents in the homologous series tri-ethyl, -pentyl, -octyl, and -phenyl(More)
The distribution of the natural radionuclides ((238)U, (232)Th, (226)Ra, (40)K) and the artificial (137)Cs was studied in sediment cores collected from Amvrakikos Gulf, a seasonal anoxic marine basin, using γ-ray spectrometry. The activity of radionuclides, along with the concentrations of Fe and Mn, were also studied in relation to the total organic carbon(More)
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