Dionisios N. Sotiropoulos

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We explore the use of objective audio signal features to model the individualized (subjective) perception of similarity between music files. We present MUSIPER, a content-based music retrieval system which constructs music similarity perception models of its users by associating different music similarity measures to different users. Specifically, a(More)
We address the problem of modeling the subjective perception of similarity between two music files that have been extracted from a music database with use of objective features. We propose the importation of user models in Content-Based Music Retrieval systems, which embody the ability of evolving and using different music similarity measures for different(More)
This article suggests a modeling framework to investigate the optimal strategy followed by a monopolistic firm to manipulate the process of opinion formation in a social network. We consider a network which consists of the monopolist and a set of consumers who communicate to form their beliefs about the underlying product quality. When consumers' initial(More)
This paper develops a discrete-time, non-linear and time-variant model of opinion formation in a social network with global interactions to investigate the relationship between the final consensus belief and the set of agents' initial opinions. The model uses a novel and considerably intuitive updating rule, according to which the weight placed by an agent(More)
This is paper addresses the problem of tracking the time evolution of communities within co-authorship networks. We consider an evolutionary clustering approach which adapts the statistical framework of shrinkage estimation to obtain a smoothed version of the overall affinity matrix as the optimal weighted average between the matrices of past and current(More)
Founded in Athens during 2002, ICMB developed to the major international research conference on mobile business with a significant number of researchers and authors contributing state of the art scientific papers in academia. In this paper we examine the state of the ICMB co-authorship network from 2002 to 2013 by applying Social Network Analysis techniques(More)