Diomidis I. Katzourakis

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A driver-assistance system (DAS) that combines an automatic road departure avoidance (RDA) system with the driver’s steering input is presented. The system is based on a closed-loop driver decision estimator (DDE), which establishes the risk of road departure. If a road departure is likely to occur, the RDA system intervenes by correcting the steering(More)
Current vehicle dynamic control systems from simple yaw control to high-end active steering support systems are designed to primarily actuate on the vehicle itself, rather than stimulate the driver to adapt his/her inputs for better vehicle control. The driver though dictates the vehicle's motion, and centralizing him/her in the control loop is hypothesized(More)
The decreasing cost of sensory technologies including camera and radar has facilitated the outspread of advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems into modern vehicles. ADAS systems can operate beyond the scope of stability control, by employing autonomous intervention in both longitudinal and lateral direction. Adaptive cruise control and lanekeeping aid(More)
The development of a vision system to aid the autonomous navigation of an unmanned helicopter, primarily based on inertial sensors and GPS data, is presented. An unmanned helicopter has been equipped with appropriate sensors and a vision system fitted on a custom pan-tilt mechanism. Robust software, based on the Open Computer Vision Library (OpenCV), has(More)