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Congenital heart diseases are present in eight of every 1000 newborns. The diagnosis of those pathologies usually depends on the available imaging methods. A correct diagnosis requires a detailed observation of the heart chambers, wall motions, valves function, and quantitative evaluation of the cavity volumes. For that goal numerous automatic algorithms(More)
Near-Lighting Endoscopes are self-illuminated cameras often used in minimal invasive surgery. Since they have a wide field of view, their images are affected by high radial distortion(RD) and reduced resolution in the periphery of the image. Perspective Shape From Shading has been used for reconstruction but suffers from the problem of resolution and high(More)
Segmentation of echocardiography images presents a great challenge since such images contain strong speckle noise and artifacts. Most ultrasound segmentation methods are semi-automatic, requiring initial contour to be manually identified in the images. In this chapter, a level set algorithm based on the phase symmetry approach and on a new logarithmic-based(More)
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