Diogo Ribeiro

3Ernest Arenas
2Olga Amaral
2Ana Joana Duarte
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Wnts are known to bind and activate multiple membrane receptors/coreceptors and to regulate dopaminergic (DA) neuron development and ventral midbrain (VM) morphogenesis. The low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (Lrp6) is a Wnt co-receptor, yet it remains unclear whether Lrp6 is required for DA neuron development or VM morphogenesis. Lrp6 is(More)
During forebrain development, Mash1 directs gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)ergic neuron differentiation ventrally in the ganglionic eminences. Repression of Mash1 in the cortex is necessary to prevent the formation of GABAergic interneurons. Negative regulation of Mash1 has been attributed to members of the Neurogenin family; the genetic ablation of(More)
Human fetal midbrain tissue grafting has provided proof-of-concept for dopamine cell replacement therapy (CRT) in Parkinson's disease (PD). However, limited tissue availability has hindered the development and widespread use of this experimental therapy. Here we present a method for generating large numbers of midbrain dopaminergic (DA) neurons based on(More)
  • Diogo Ribeiro, Kristina Ellwanger, Désirée Glagow, Spyridon Theofilopoulos, Nina S. Corsini, Ana Martin-Villalba +2 others
  • 2011
Dickkopf1 (Dkk1) is a Wnt/β-catenin inhibitor that participates in many processes during embryonic development. One of its roles during embryogenesis is to induce head formation, since Dkk1-null mice lack head structures anterior to midbrain. The Wnt/β-catenin pathway is also known to regulate different aspects of ventral midbrain (VM) dopaminergic (DA)(More)
This paper describes and evaluates the experience of the Civil Engineering Department of ISEP to promote academic internships in the Civil Engineering Master course. Special emphasis is given to the creation and promotion of a list of companies of the sector, providing internships for the students. Some advantages of this initiative from the perspective of(More)
Cystatin B (CSTB) gene mutations cause Unverricht-Lundborg disease (ULD), a rare form of myoclonic epilepsy. The previous identification of a Portuguese patient, homozygous for a unique splicing defect (c.66G > A; p.Q22Q), provided awareness regarding the existence of variant forms of ULD. In this work we aimed at the characterization of this mutation at(More)
Objectives. Development of a simple mutation directed method in order to allow lowering the cost of mutation testing using an easily obtainable biological material. Assessment of the feasibility of such method was tested using a GC-rich amplicon. Design and Methods. A method of denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography (dHPLC) was improved and(More)
This paper presents an innovative platform that permits the aggregation of multiple e-mail and accounts, to make the day to day handling of e-mail messages more manageable and pleasant. The new product illustrates a launching supported by low level of investment and the search for innovation based in the finding of an unexplored need in the fast moving of(More)
1 — The goal of this work is to depict the impact of cell partitioning in cell capacity of CDMA-based system. In this paper we examine the implementation of four partitions per cell as well as the influence of various height of the base station transceiver antenna to the system. We contemplated the urban area as the target, therefore the COST-231 Walfisch –(More)
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