Diogo Ribeiro Demartini

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An alkaline proteinase activity is present in quiescent seeds and up to the 24th day of development of Canavalia ensiformis DC (L.) plants. By a simple protocol consisting of cation exchange chromatography, followed by an anion exchange column, a serine proteinase (Q-SP) was purified to homogeneity from quiescent seeds. Q-SP consists of a 33 kDa chain with(More)
We studied six cases of chronic, indolent intraocular inflammation that occurred after extracapsular cataract extraction and posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation. The inflammation was characterized by a delayed onset, and in three cases had the clinical appearance of a granulomatous iridocyclitis. Cultures of intraocular specimens obtained from(More)
Jackbean (Canavalia ensiformis) ureases are entomotoxic upon the release of internal peptides by insect's digestive enzymes. Here we studied the digestive peptidases of Oncopeltus fasciatus (milkweed bug) and its susceptibility to jackbean urease (JBU). O. fasciatus nymphs fed urease showed a mortality rate higher than 80% after two weeks. Homogenates of(More)
BACKGROUND Ureases are metalloenzymes involved in defense mechanisms in plants. The insecticidal activity of Canavalia ensiformis (jack bean) ureases relies partially on an internal 10kDa peptide generated by enzymatic hydrolysis of the protein within susceptible insects. A recombinant version of this peptide, jaburetox, exhibits insecticidal, antifungal(More)
Mass spectrometry has been widely used for analyses of biomolecules such as proteins. The soft ionization methods available nowadays, the faster and more accurate mass spectrome‐ ters, a diversity of protein databases resulting from large scale genome studies and the ad‐ vances in the bioinformatics field for optimized data mining, altogether significantly(More)
We have previously demonstrated that quercetin (Quer), a polyphenol widely found in vegetables, decreased glioma cell growth in vitro. Here, we asked whether this compound could affect glioma growth in an in vivo rat glioma model. We found that daily intraperitoneal Quer (50 mg/kg) injections lead to a concentration of 0.15 μg of Quer per gram of brain(More)
Dynamic changes in corneal thickness were measured in eight young and eight older normal subjects (mean ages 24.4 +/- 4.3 years and 71.9 +/- 7.3 years, respectively) to provide data for quantitative assessment of corneal hydration control and thereby provide information for studying age differences in this important aspect of corneal function. For each(More)
Expression of intracellular HSP70 is associated with cytoprotective effects against a wide range of stressful stimuli, such as inflammation, oxidative stress, hypoxia, endotoxins, infections, and fever. This cytoprotective effect is mainly attributed to their ability to stabilize protein structures through chaperone-like reversible interactions. HSP70 was(More)
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases are severe neurodegenerative conditions triggered by complex biochemical routes. Many groups are currently pursuing the search for valuable biomarkers to either perform early diagnostic or to follow the disease's progress. Several studies have reported relevant findings regarding environmental issues and the progression(More)
Ureases (EC are metalloenzymes that hydrolyze urea into ammonia and CO(2). These proteins have insecticidal and fungicidal effects not related to their enzymatic activity. The insecticidal activity of urease is mostly dependent on the release of internal peptides after hydrolysis by insect digestive cathepsins. Jaburetox is a recombinant version of(More)