Diogo Proença

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Maturity Models have been proven to be powerful tools to assess to current state of an organization regarding a certain aspect and drive improvement. However, maturity models are often developed ad hoc, without following a well-documented design and development method, and often do not provide a pathway to further extend and update the model to foster(More)
Digital longevity has emerged as a key challenge for information systems in many domains. In this article we explore the hypothesis that longevity is a non-functional quality attribute of information and software artifacts, driven by organizational capabilities and socio-technical change processes. While software evolution and maintenance have produced a(More)
This poster presents a pragmatic risk assessment method based on best practice from the ISO 31000 family of standards regarding risk management. The method proposed is supported by established risk management concepts that can be applied to help a data repository to gain awareness of the risks and costs of the controls for the identified risks. In simple(More)
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