Diogo Nuno Pereira Gomes

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—As the number of environmental sensors grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, store and process all these sources of information. Several context representation schemes try to standardize this information, however none of them have been widely adopted. Instead of proposing yet another context representation scheme, we discuss efficient ways to(More)
Next generation wireless communication systems aim to handle diverse types of services across different types of access technologies in a seamless way. This paper proposes a next generation network architecture and evaluates possible associated signaling strategies, focusing in network-level QoS support aspects. The scenarios handled cover(More)
We prove convergence of stationary distributions for the randomly forced Burgers and Hamilton-Jacobi equations in a limit when viscosity tends to zero. It turns out that for all values of the viscosity ν there exists a unique (up to an additive constant) solution to the randomly forced Hamilton-Jacobi equation which is extendible for all times. The main(More)