Diogo Nuno Pereira Gomes

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Next generation wireless communication systems aim to handle diverse types of services across different types of access technologies in a seamless way. This paper proposes a next generation network architecture and evaluates possible associated signaling strategies, focusing in network-level QoS support aspects. The scenarios handled cover(More)
inside the IST project Daidalos. We address the main results achieved in terms of their performance in an experimental testbed developed inside the project. The result provide indications on the expected performance of different signalling strategies for next generation heterogeneous networks. Next generation wireless communication systems will handle(More)
—As the number of environmental sensors grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, store and process all these sources of information. Several context representation schemes try to standardize this information, however none of them have been widely adopted. Instead of proposing yet another context representation scheme, we discuss efficient ways to(More)
The 3GPP Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS) aims to introduce group communications into the 3G networks. One of the current key challenges is how to evolve these incipient features towards the ''beyond 3G vision'' of a converged global network where multimedia content can be delivered over one or more selected broadcast transport bearers. This(More)
We describe a wireless testbed composed by 24 wireless nodes that can be used to perform a broad range of studies in the area of next generation networks. This paper addresses the difficulties and constrains faced by the authors throughout the deployment process of such testbed. Flexibility and con-trollability were key concerns driving the testbed design.(More)