Diogo Gonçalves

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A parasitophorous vacuole protein of Plasmodium falciparum, p126, is a potential candidate for a malaria vaccine. Its N-terminal region, composed of six repeats of eight amino acids, appears to be involved in the induction of protective immunity against P. falciparum challenge in monkeys. This study evaluated the immune response to p126 and to its(More)
Deregulated expression of glycolytic enzymes contributes not only to the increased energy demands of transformed cells but also has non-glycolytic roles in tumors. However, the contribution of these non-glycolytic functions in tumor progression remains poorly defined. Here, we show that elevated expression of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase(More)
Crohn disease (CD) ileal lesions are colonized by adherent-invasive E. coli (AIEC) that locally induce inflammation. Hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)-1alpha protein is expressed in acute and chronically inflamed site; however the molecular basis of this expression is not fully understood. The aim of the study was to access whether AIEC induce HIF-1α(More)
Autophagy is induced during differentiation of human monocytes into macrophages that is mediated by CSF1/CSF-1/M-CSF (colony stimulating factor 1 [macrophage]). However, little is known about the molecular mechanisms that link CSF1 receptor engagement to the induction of autophagy. Here we show that the CAMKK2-PRKAA1-ULK1 pathway is required for(More)
This paper describes our participation on Task 7 of SemEval 2014, which fo-cused on the recognition and disambigua-tion of medical concepts. We used an adapted version of the Stanford NER system to train CRF models to recognize tex-tual spans denoting diseases and disorders , within clinical notes. We considered an encoding that accounts with non-continuous(More)
Nowadays, Cable TV operators provide their users multiple ways to watch TV content, such as Live TV and Video on Demand (VOD) services. In the last years, Catch-up TV has been introduced, allowing users to watch recent broadcast content whenever they want to. Understanding how the users interact with such services is important to develop solutions that may(More)
Transgenic mice expressing the caspase-cleaved form of the tyrosine kinase Lyn (LynΔN) develop a TNFα-dependent skin disease that accurately recapitulates human psoriasis. Participation of lymphocytes in this disease was confirmed by backcrossing LynΔN mice on a Rag-1 deficient background. The present study was therefore conducted to analyze whether(More)
The detection of the activities of pathogen-encoded virulence factors by the innate immune system has emerged as a new paradigm of pathogen recognition. Much remains to be determined with regard to the molecular and cellular components contributing to this defense mechanism in mammals and importance during infection. Here, we reveal the central role of the(More)
Recommendation systems are being explored by Cable TV operators to improve user satisfaction with services, such as Live TV and Video on Demand (VOD) services. More recently, Catch-up TV has been introduced, allowing users to watch recent broadcast content whenever they want to. These services give users a large set of options from which they can choose(More)