Diogo C. Ferreira

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MOTIVATION It has been recently suggested that atomic burials, as expressed by molecular central distances, contain sufficient information to determine the tertiary structure of small globular proteins. A possible approach to structural determination from sequence could therefore involve a sequence-to-burial intermediate prediction step whose accuracy,(More)
The three-dimensional structure of proteins is determined by their linear amino acid sequences but decipherment of the underlying protein folding code has remained elusive. Recent studies have suggested that burials, as expressed by atomic distances to the molecular center, are sufficiently informative for structural determination while potentially(More)
Recent ab initio folding simulations for a limited number of small proteins have corroborated a previous suggestion that atomic burial information obtainable from sequence could be sufficient for tertiary structure determination when combined to sequence-independent geometrical constraints. Here, we use simulations parameterized by native burials to(More)
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